11th Accounts

Introduction to Accounting Part-1

Introduction to Accounting Part-2

Introduction to Accounting Part-3

Basic Accounting Terms Part-1

Basic Accounting Terms Part-2

Accounting Concepts & Principles Part-1

Accounting Concepts & Principles Part-2

Accounting Concepts & Principles Part-3

Accounting Concepts & Principles Part-4

Bases of Accounting

Accounting Equation Part-1

Accounting Equation Part-2

Accounting Equation Part-3

Rules of Debit and Credit Part-1

Rules of Debit and Credit Part-2

Rules of Debit and Credit Part-3

Rules of Debit and Credit Part-4

Origin of Transactions: Source Documents & Preparation of vouchers

Journal Part-1

Journal Part-2

Journal Part-3

Journal Part-4

Journal Part-5

Journal Part-6

Journal Part-7

Journal Part-8

Journal Part-9


Journal Part-9